An igloo in the snow! This is the spectacular hotel Cristina Pedroche and David Muñoz


March 09, 2020
(12:40 CET)

Cristina Pedroche is one of those celebrities that shares everything with his followers. And, of course, could not miss their first videos skiing. And that is, as she herself has explained in his latest publications, he had never practiced this sport, so wanted to share his first experience skiing with their followers on social networks.

“I was so looking forward to this weekend which was super nervous. My first time skiing and although I had fears (and I know) I have not fallen off even once. It has given me super well”, I noted in one of the publications.

The hotel Cristina Pedroche

And eye because, seeing how well that gives, it would not be surprising that now Pedroche become a skier usual. “My first time skiing…What a wonderful sport. Since I only want to ski This was yesterday, today I continued to make progress. Little by little,” pointing in another publication.

The case is that, besides receiving many comments in the networks by your skills as a skier, have also been many who have remained with the mouth open to see the accommodation of the couple in the snow.

And is that Cristina and David Muñoz have been in a few igloos in the ski resort FormigalPanticosa in the aragonese pyrenees. Accommodation, as we can see in the following images, make live the experience in the snow from a point of view that much more authentic.

Cristina Pedroche

A few igloos called Mugas that are located at 1,800 meters of altitude, have left Pedroche more than impressed. Will this be the beginning of a new idyll Cristina and David with the winter sports? We’ll see.

What is evident is that, while it is true that in the images we can see how the Vallecas’re just getting started in this sport, it seems that you enjoy as a few. Need to see now if David and Cristina they will move to repeat the experience of the Mugas. Seen as seen, would not be a bad idea.