Angelina Jolie is flirting with Chris Hemsworth. And the daughter of papa Brad Pitt


Angelina Jolie has a flirt-secret Chris Hemsworth, while the daughter of Brad Pitt pulls you from the father.

In Hollywood-gossip never sleeps, and what is particularly interesting, especially in the Brangelina. According to the latest rumors, there is an approach would be presumed to be in between Angelina Jolie and Chris Hemsworth. The beautiful Australian actress has been immortalised, along with the Comic-Con, event attended, a few months ago.

Looks and laughter they could accomplice the gossip about a possible laison, despite the actor is married since 2010 Elsa Pataky. According to the rumors, Angelina would be remained enchanted by Chrislooks like so exposed, like a young Brad Pitt while the star of the Avenger, you would soon the charm of the Film, to resist the no one.

Back from the event from San Diego, Hemsworth would have a fierce lite with the wife due to the jealousy of Elsa to Angelina. A little later, the actress, he’d be in for a nasty surprise. It seems that Shiloh, the daughter of thirteen years old, the actor is ready to draw from him.

The teenager would have, there was with the mother want to leave the villa to spend she shares with her and the brothers, a little bit of time with the father. After the divorce from Pitt was turned away from the children, but now the the situation seems quite different. A path of rehabilitation, the farewell of alcohol and the decision to return to the master of one’s own existence, would recover the Hollywood stars the relationship with the boys.

“Shiloh and Brad will be in soon and play in the skate park, or cooking Breakfast – a source explained to -. It goes well, and now they are very United”.

The decision, Shiloh would be after encounter with the father and the brothers. Brad had organized a day on his ranch together with all the children, including Maddox, what to do with those in the past the clashes and more turned on. And Angelina? The diva would not be good, the message and the relationship with Pitt would be a lot of work, but Shiloh seems to have determined his own choice.

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Angelina Joli and Chris Hemsworth – source: Getty Images