Angelina Jolie, rejected by Brad Pitt, who takes revenge on Instagram


Angelina Jolie he has just a post that looks beautiful, enveloped in a cloud of pink tulle dream with the caption: “It’s better to have nobody, than to have someone who is half there, or doesn’t want to be there” (“better to be alone than with someone that don’t want to be only partially or even not at all”). Many greetings to caro Brad Pitt with the tabloid “The Sun“he’s trying to reconcile, by she loves him, that him still, and that your family deserves a second chance.

The British tabloid newspaper speaks of a Jolie fraudulently pentitasi the drastic decision, impulse, on the wave of anger of the moment. Two years ago, it was at the request of the divorce and the beginning of a long struggle to submit to the custody of their six children. Now it seems that it has changed its mind, reveals his feelings to the ex-husband, in the hope of a reconciliation.

Request sent back immediately to the sender: Brad Pitt turned the page and according to “The Sun,” all of the actors want to now, is just to have a relationship is civil with his ex, the respect for the rest of his children. Nothing more.

So, wound in the pride ofthe actress has posted on Instagram a beautiful photo beautifully shows, in spite of everything, he didn’t need the love of Brad to be a woman happy and fabulous. Then the label of the vague touch of revenge, a little, according to some users on Twitter, in the style of “the Fox and the grapes.

His followers on Instagram that you have posted, comments, very pretty and lovingly by emoji with hearts and flowers, but especially by your tips. A user, in particular, has written “I could not agree more. You are strong, show your love, who really loves you, and go on through your life” while another woman wrote you did well, Angelina made. If you subscribe to someone does not should be a whole life, half of“.

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