Apple calls it the iPad, This Tablet, the users will be affected as well.

Apple needs to make improvements to the iPad, The manufacturer has launched a programme of assistance for the Tablet, the display screen that causes the problems.

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the iPad Air 3’s. Generation): will Apple exchange broken display

Apple has launched a program of support for the iPad Air to the third Generation, According to the manufacturer, the Display can go into some of the devices without prior notice to you broken – the screen remains on in such cases, one is black.

“Prior to that, the screen clears, there may be a short period of Flickering or lighting,” says Apple on its Website. Not all of the iPad Air with the 10.5-inch screen, however, they may not be affected by it. The problem is in the display should only relate to a portion of the device.

One of the most important iPadOS 13 in the Video:

the iPad Air is a problem for the view that These models are affected

According to Apple, the problem is the display on the iPad Air happens to models that were manufactured between the months of March through October of 2019. In may, according to Apple, an Apple authorized service Partner, an Apple Store visit or call for Support. The manufacturer will replace the Display (it will then free – up to two years from the date of purchase, as supplemented Macrumors.

However, Apple states that the iPad can do without any further damage, which makes them difficult to repair in the context of the work program. In such cases, for example, a broken screen – I need the customers to pay for the cost of the repair is extra.

This Display can be bend but not broken:

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the iPad breaks, in: the Tablet Revolution with the Apple – so that you can look at

Apple had said at the beginning of the year, a replacement program of the manufacturer is not traded in the Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS, XS, to the Max, and on / off, as long as the battery is not working properly in some cases.

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