Ariana Grande, are already 10 years of his career: here’s how it changed the popstar


Is no longer a rising star of the music already from one piece, and 25 years Ariana Grande you can already define itself as a successful international pop star. So for one thing, this year Billboard the has crowned Woman of the Year.

The singer in these days is anticipating the first details on his new album, “Thank U”Next, preceded by the single of the same name.

(Instagram/Ariana Grande)

For Ariana this is already the fifth album. The first, “Yours Truly”, was released in 2013; but the career of the singer, but with roots already some years before.

The Great has become hugely popular thanks to the sitcom for the boys of Nickelodeon “Victorious”he Cat Valentine. Later his character was the main protagonist of the spin off “Sam & Cat”.

But the real debut was in 2008, in the musical “13” to Broadwayexactly 10 years ago.

Here’s how it changed Ariana Grande in her path to success.

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Ariana Grande