Call of Duty Modern Warfare: First Gameplay Video of the Battle Royale mode



In the past year, the first rumors of the Battle at eureka-Royal-mode, Ego-Shooter / Call-of-Duty. Now, with the Release of the Battle Royale seems to stand mode, but that’s a while back. The on-site Call-of-Duty-Tracker announced, it was spotted in the video portal the announcement is appropriate. However, the Banner has disappeared after a short period of time. However, some of the users to take a Screenshot of the “War Zone” -a banner to personalize it.

In addition, a remote control, ungelistetes the Video in the video portal YouTube, and the YouTuber Chaos it shows you how much he tries to do, and now, the all-new Battle Royal mode. Here we can see that the first-person Shooter for up to 150 people in a Battle Royal Match, you can participate in it, and that it is a Free2Play variant. In addition to this, the all-new Battle Royal mode from Call of Duty, Solo, Duet, and Trio sessions can be carried out.

Just as the new way to be released is not yet known. You have taken the rumors to Believe, the 10th is currently full. In march as a possible date of release of the traded. Officially, this has not been confirmed, however. However, it is assumed that in the near future, the official information about the all-new Battle Royal mode from the game developer Ubisoft, or Infinity, is to be launched.