Coronavirus: TwitchCon in Europe will not take place


A subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch has cancelled his European exposure in the home, TwitchCon in Europe. The phase of Contraction is justified by Concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19. The health and safety of the Community and the employees who have the highest priority, writes Buck in a Statement.

Twitch is the most important platform for video game Streaming to the West. As is the case with Youtube Influencers with thousands of followers on Twitch. The TwitchCon is, primarily, a show for the Fans, so that they will be able to get to know your Contractions to make it. In addition to this, you can connect the Generator to the camp. In the event that it should be a power of 2. 3. In may, in Amsterdam, will take place.

The contraction you want to log a Ticket for both the buyers and the exhibitors, to discuss the possibility of cost refund. If and when it is in the European edition of the TwitchCon will take place is still open. The PEOPLE in the industry, which will be held in San Diego, california, is scheduled to take place in September.

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In the video game industry is hard hit by an outbreak of the Coronavirus. The key developers of the fair, GDC, has been cancelled. In addition to this, in June, and set 3 is now on the Verge of bankruptcy. After the discharge, the state of California has a health emergency has been declared, it appears that the recall is most likely to occur. Currently, the trade fair to be held but it.

Covid-19 championship is not just a major event in the industry, but also to the publisher and the developer studio directly. Sony and Microsoft should, for example, the piece for its next game console, the Playstation 5 and the Xbox X-Series to find out. The delivery time is also the developer of a Change and the Oculus VR goggles, And Sports have been canceled for tournaments or to be held in front of empty stands.