ends the tale of Brangelina


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

A bitter aftertaste for the one that was for years the fairy tale the most beautiful Hollywood. No happy ending for the couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the ” super-movie-star decided to formally separate their ways and the actress and Director has to be dispensed with, also the last name Pray, riappropriandosi. Just a few days ago rumors of bounced e-mails in the web, reported of a possible recomposition of Brangelina, instead of in anticipation of the divorce, the two parties requested the court to restore the legal status of single. The technical term is “bifurcated judgment” and referred to have achieved the separation of a couple, without a preliminary agreement on important issues for both: how the care of children, business is not too short, because the two have six, three natural and three adopted children, which would not have to pay to you according to the indictment, from Angelina Jolie, the ex-husband, a maintenance economically reasonable.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt back together? The indiscretion: “you want to”

The other element would not agree with the substantial assets, hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate and liquidity of banks. The news of their separation for more than two years, after you wait for a sentimental binding to the approximately 13 years, from the year 2006, when the actress announced in an interview, a child from Brad Pitt, with whom she got engaged officially in the year 2012, and married two years later. The wedding, therefore, lasted a little more than two years, will be celebrated in september 2016, a message that made you crazy the tabloids around the world. But according to People, the decision of the court has clear the way for the restoration of the legal status (and emotional) single, is now the last road before the divorce is final as a pair of Golden, who had decided to show his love to the world, in the fairy-tale wedding in the castle, French Miraval.