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After the last few months, rumors about Free-Call-Of-Duty” (abbreviated as “Cod”) on the network, and the round is done, it’s done, Publisher Activision is now official: With the “Call Of Duty: black ops Game to start the 10th. The first day of march of the Free-wheel of the series, to the sound of gunfire for the main platforms.

150 players on one map

On the contrary, the price of the version-sets “Warzone” game mode, Battle Royal, you know, especially for titles such as Fortnite In the map, to fight for the 150-player in order to Survive, who is left at the end wins.

In addition to this, it should be in the way of plunder, hunting, Gathering, and taking of money, and that is during the round, he won it might be.

It has been developed into a “Warzone” by a north American developer’s Studio Infinity Ward, which has been in the past to the “Modern Warfare”-the parts of the “Cc” is the chief of police. The developers promise a close connection between the titles, he is free from weapons, for example, applies to both games.

“Modern Warfare”, players will start three hours earlier

Already in the last year, it was recorded and published as “the Call Of Duty for Mobile” is a free version of shooter to Smartphones that are only in the first week, and over 100 million Downloads of the App.

Call Of Duty: black ops Game from the 10. In march, for PC, PS4, and Xbox now available for Download. For those of you who have the “Call Of Duty: black ops, Modern Warfare, he can get it from 16 hours to get to the game, and all of the other start-three hours later, at 19 hours.