Google Lens, Google-Maps-now-recognizes-a bite to eat


Denise Bergert

With Google Maps, users can make Google’s Lens, the Restaurant is now looking for a more exciting dishes on offer.

Google has a new feature for image recognition

Google Lens
on your map service in Google Maps

. In the context of the Google I/O, 2019 at The latest, Google has introduced a new Feature in the Google Lens, the Software can now recognize a wide variety of food in the picture. This Feature has now been integrated into Google Maps.

In the case of a Restaurant search in Google Maps photos of the menu at most Places. Users will see these pictures in the Android App for Google Maps in the future, a new “court of reputation”Button at the bottom of the screen, along with a Google-Lens-icon. With the tip of your finger on this feature, Google will shows the Lens directly on the Google Maps to the photos in this court, and that they originate from the same Restaurant. Other images from the Restaurant are available, and it adds Google Maps to the image picker with the photos of your research on the Internet. In addition to the photos of the dish, the Lens, and it also presents Details, as well as income. For convenience of users who do not know what the court is of the listed dishes in the menu. You can also get a sense of the Restaurant, the dishes look good and cool in hot weather.