Google: the track of the Route and at the finish in the jail


A curious suspicion after the bike ride

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An Application of Tracking brought him to the American cyclist for his arrest. Well, Google has informed the Radler by E-Mail, that is, the local police station asking for their spatial data to investigate a robbery. What’s the matter?

An American cyclist has been charged with, because in the course of his or her Bike in one hit.

An American cyclist has been charged with, because in the course of his or her Bike in one hit. (Source: Screen Capture From YouTube Video)

Zachary, She was amazed not bad, as Google has reported via E-Mail a request to the police department. Since the players will be determined to be a suspect in a bank robbery, he had asked the police for access to their location history. From now on, seven-days-left-to take a lawyer and go to court against the release, in order to continue.

She searched for a later time, after the number of the process, and I came across an article in a local newspaper. In conjunction with the Application of the Tracing is, is that he found out that he had to be carried out ten years before, in the course of his or her Bike, a three-Time stage. It was, apparently, the reason for the police to suspect him right now.

Absolution, thanks to the Google database

As She and her attorney fought vehemently against the allegations, discussed with the police the facts of the case and dropped the charges against him, and in the final analysis, it’s the fall. Once again, it was the one of spatial data, which has led to this time is not for accusations, but for the dismissal.

In Germany, it is not possible, on suspicion of a variety of devices in a certain area of seats. Here, the police are required to a Smartphone, the location of a court order, the location of a Suspect of the right places. However, in the example shown, from the united states, how rapidly your web site and gradients to the wrong Contexts, it can lead to.

What all of these fake relationships that can lead to the Berlin-based artist. This has bought 100 phones and a virtual traffic jam on Google Maps, can cause. In the article linked below to learn more.

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