‘Grey’s anatomy’: Ellen Pompeo says goodbye to Alex Karev and defends his controversial end


Beware of SPOILERS!

Four months after that was issued in the united States the last chapter of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in which appeared the character of Alex Karev, the series has dedicated an entire episode to his farewellwhere both the fans as the rest of the characters have been known to order the reason of their march.

'Alex Karev and Meredith Grey'

After the controversial reactions of the followers on social networks, some of the actors have advocated the end of the character played by Justin Chambers.

In the case of Ellen Pompeo herself has uploaded a video compilation moments between Meredith Grey and Alex Karev. In it has added a text thank-you so much to the fans as the members of the teamin special to the creators and writers for creating the strong relationship between these characters since the first season.

“[…] Thanks to our national treasure @therealdebbieallen and to the writers for giving Alex Karev the best farewell. Thanks to @shondarhimes for creating the best character. For me personally that Karev back at the beginning… it has been the best argument possible. Pays tribute to those amazing early years and the incredible cast… we created a foundation so strong that the series continues on foot. So we are not sad. […]”.

By his side, Chris Carmack (Atticus in the series) has given an interview to People after the issuance of this chapter where he confessed that for he was “really nice to take a look at the 16 years of the life of Alex Karev in the series. See a flashback from 16 years ago made it very tangible and emotional,” confessed the actor, “these were scenes that fans had been involved a long time ago. To view all of them in a row was pretty intense.

With regard to the situation of his current wife Jo, now that Karev has left him, Chris Carmack has no doubt that “it is a survivor, and will be able to fend for itself”since , according to him: “a character is very strong”.

In Spain, the episode titled ‘Leave a Light On’ was premiered on Saturday, march 7, on Fox Life, where you can see the rest of the seasons.

More goodbyes

Despite the fact that none of the creators have been given more information on the sudden decision of Alex Karev back with Izzie (Katherine Heigl) leaving everything behind, some that have appeared on networks to say goodbye to one of the characters most valued by the followers.

Krista Vernoffthe showrunner of the series, published a text on twitter during the broadcast of the same episode saying goodbye to the actor and the character.

“It is almost impossible to say goodbye to Alex Karev. This is so true for me and for all of the writers of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as it is for the fans. We have been delighted to write to Alex. And we have been delighted to see Justin Chambers interpret it as nuanced. For 16 seasons, 16 years, we have grown together with Alex Karev. We have been frustrated with their limitations and inspired us with his growth until you come to love him deeply and think of him as one of our best friends. All we’ll take a lot less. And we will always be grateful for his impact, in our series, in our hearts, in our fans, in the world”.