Hardware: AMD introduces new Low-Power processors

AMD Ryzen Built-in series delivers 4K graphics, and low power consumption. The R1000 series is based, according to the manufacturer, the ‘Zen’ CPU’s and Radeon cards ‘Vega’ drive from the charts, and one-to three-times better CPU Performance-per-Watt compared to previous Generation AMD R-Series”.

The new R1102G and R1305G processors have been developed, in particular, the energy-efficient performance areas. The new processors range from 6 to 10 watts TDP, and it will allow you to reduce costs in the system memory DIMMs that are installed, and the requirements of the thermal design can be reduced. Due to the low power of the new processor without fan systems are needed, according to AMD, it is also feasible for the manufacturer to new markets in the field of Digital Signage, and industrial-and company-that HE wants to develop.

Two new processors are expected to get to the end of March, in the year 2020. For the use of the first companies of the new processors, Kontron be used in a scalable Mini-ITX platform, and, Simply by NUC, the new Mini-PC in the Red Oak.