How stable is it with the Samsung Galaxy Z in Flip, is it? The CHIP is a large, Extremely Falttest

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, with the Samsung Galaxy Z and Flip your a minimum of 100,000 have it. Fold-back appeal. And this is not lost on our Faltroboter the technic is also quite a trace: In the case of approximately 79.000 bending of the shaft occurred in 24 of the Gear on the left side of the holy spirit. After the repair, it didn’t last very long, up to about 82,000 Faltvorgängen both of the lift arms are in the right-hand side is broken (the shaft is twisted).

Also, this is a Defect, we are able to solve very quickly, and the machine was intact. During the night, is the Galaxy Z, Flip, to freak out, kicking until this morning, about 103.000 Faltvorgängen is connected to the electric motor, which is deep-fried. A Defect that is similar, we have managed to achieve during Testing, the Samsung Galaxy, Warp, and now he has done it in the fold of the Z-Turn. About an hour of work and a new motor later, the machine is able to work with them again. At the time when the Counter is at about 107,000 Faltvorgängen.

With the Samsung Galaxy Z in and Flip the power, which is in contrast with the robot, however, it still can’t be beat. After a coming together with the inspection of the Foldables, the folding process seems to be a bit more flexible, however, in terms of both features and support, it is not a limitation. Come on in the second half of the race!!!