Huawei counters, Samsung and Xiaomi


The P20 Pro, has Huawei a couple of years ago, the Smartphone in the picture. The Quad module, with the Q30, By 2019 at the latest and was able to once again dominate the market, he was entitled to in the Trial as a “Coup d’etat”. The reason for this, in particular, the five-times-the periscope to Zoom in and out of the Sensor, TOF has been. It also has been upgraded with a photo of the night, which was mainly due to the higher incidence of the light on the Sensor. The expectation is that the new Huawei P40 Pro’s are very high.

Up until now, really, it’s not about the equipment, the camera, the P40 Pro. However, the assumptions that can be made to the technology Insider, “Rodent950,” are they feeding you on Twitter with the rumors that the camera of the Huawei flagship.

Huawei P40 Pro: in order to offer the camera

In addition, in accordance with a training template, but it’s the same Sony Sensors are used. It is, more specifically, the Sensor IMX700 and IMX650. The former offers a resolution of 52 megapixels and an f/a-1.28-opening. The second Sensor, activates it, however, with a 40 mega-pixel has an aperture of f/1.5 and is intended to be an ultra-wide-angle lens of the camera of the mobile device.

In addition to that, the Huawei P40 Pro to have a three-times optical Zoom to the telephoto. The periscope with Zoom enables users to zoom in on the subjects that you have ten times the loss. The Time-of-Flight Sensor, a temperature Sensor, in color, with a LED flash and a microphone that are part of the equipment.

Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi steals the Show?

With an eye on the competition, the question arises: Can it be overcome in the Raising, especially as Samsung and Xiaomi? Clearly, it is impossible to say, but it’s just a Test. On the other hand, a comparison of paper-you can do it.

Samsung has sent out recently for Galaxy S20 Ultra, the new premium model in the series, the run. Well, The Xiaomi Mi-10 And The Pro. Both of them have in common is that you have a main camera with a resolution of 108 mega pixels. Judging by the sheer number of megapixels, the Huawei P40 Pro, you can have only the half of it.

However, the house of P40 Pro, you can have an edge over the competition. The ACE up his Sleeve, that is, in the case of the Sony IMX700. This is applied to the 4×4 method, and thus a total of sixteen pixels, to keep it short. As a result, if you will, the “super-pixel” with a 4.48 micrometers. If the rumors are true, it would be the largest in the area of the pixel of the Smartphone in the photos. This is the so-called “Binning”technology ensures that the camera can absorb more light. In this case, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra-runs in the 3×3 method, and it comes out to 2.4 microns.