I don’t know her or her mother! Video of Shakira with 11 years. Attention!


Shakira, like absolutely all the famous people in the World, also has a past. The difference is that there are people who shares and teaches with pride, and many others that hide. And the colombian is more of the second class of people, because there is nothing to proud of, in spite of that, all we experience and do, it serves to learn in the future.

But the wife of Gerard Pique, Barca player, he wants to keep everything under summary. You don’t like to teach anything about your childhood and your adolescence, according to advocates, for privacy. However, as they say many who know her, the reality is very different. Rather, what you don’t want is to confirm what we all know: it has made multiple tweaks to be more beautiful.

And the videos or images that are filtered and come to our hands as well confirm it. Like this one, which dates back more than 30 years ago, when Barranquilla was only a girl of 11 springs. And what is surprising is that little or nothing seems to of today. In fact, it would cost to guess who it really is.

‘Shak’ has a skin color much darker than today, and a denture much worse. That confirms some treatment to clarify the skin, in addition to fixing the nose, and the next, and give them better shape. Just his gaze, and his talent to pick up a microphone, he reminds us to its modern version.

Shakira, deeply repentant

A Shakira that in recent years has collected all kinds of criticism for their behavior. Because, as it has been assured, do not feel proud of its past, and has tried to erase all kinds of videos or photos like this.

“That ungrateful, this has helped you to become who you are”, “Breeding crows and will start up the eyes” or “which is then sold us the bike of the naturalness, crook” were the comments.