It save me legs up! Ylenia Padilla takes to make a Picture without anything!


March 09, 2020
(15:45 CET)

Eye because what he has done Ylenia Padilla in the social networks in the last hours has been of the fat. And that is the collaborator of Save meamong other programs Telecincohas left many with his mouth open with his particular claim of the woman on Instagram.

Have you published Ylenia an image with a high content of struggle? No. Has decided to celebrate the International Women’s day with a posed without any clothes on. A claim which, unsurprisingly, is not that it has gone unnoticed.

The photo of Ylenia Padilla

Yes, surely because he knew that the image was to become viral, the former contestant of Gandía Shore and GH DUOamong others, chose not to give the chance to its followers to comment on the publication.

An image that was accompanied with a text by demonstrating its unique commitment to the feminist struggle: “I Am female from time to time, when I feel like it. I am wild for rebellion and fierce as a defense. I am a feminist to continue breaking down barriers. By the eliminated and forgotten. For those who prefer to conform and look the other way. For those who confuse the message. And for all!”.

The image in question has been almost 50.000 likes in just a few hours, and as much as Ylenia been banned from the comments in Instagram, in the forums has given a lot to talk about.

And has generated, how, not, comments of all kinds: “My mother does and so reivindicas you the role of women?”, “Shameful”, “Very well Ylenia, feminism in a pure state”, “it Is unfortunate”, “This woman lives in another galaxy”, “Just went out to the street so that women like you don’t have so much notoriety,” or “I think it’s very good that you do what you want…and who does not like that do not look” are some of them.

Since then, if what I was looking for Ylenia it was that her image became viral (something easy considering the content), what it has achieved.