Office 365, Microsoft brings in the Teams, and Skype closer together


Microsoft wants to bring to the March 2020 and for the people who are on Skype together. Appropriate plans had been announced by the company, in the summer of 2019 at the latest, to replace, in conjunction with the Plan, and the Skype for Business on-line until 2021 to fully. With the upcoming Integration of the user should be able to team up with other Skype users to communicate with each other. This is supposed to be through instant messages, Voice and video, it is possible, according to the Blog, by the Dr for Windows.

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The usefulness of such an Integration as it can be, if your employees wish to communicate with your customers on a different platform. For a two-way interaction, you will need to E-Mail addresses of the respective conversation partners, which is associated with a Microsoft account. So much for the Skype users, as well as Teams to use this as a primary sign-in option. However, the Search has to run in only one direction: from Microsoft team on the move.

Teams are looking to Skype

In the end, it is, of course, because all the Teams can be from any of the customers of the Office 365 for free of use, however, it requires a paid license for Microsoft office Tools. Skype is available in the standard version, however, is completely free of charge and is financed by advertising. The Pay version of Skype for Business, however, should you continue to be a stand-alone Tool, the user can continue to use it.

Dr. Windows, it has been suggested that the Retail version of Skype will come with the Software team. On the other hand, this would require Microsoft to split Software, Office 365, and complete free offers. This is due to the structure of the Teams and difficult to find: The program is intended for the communication of employees with each other – as represented by the paid-for Office 365 accounts – designed. Skype is going to be, and therefore, is expected to continue as an independent Voice and video chat Tool. To be sure, but it’s not.

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