Plutarco Haza reveals sad details of his divorce from Ludwika Palette


The marriage between the actors Plutarco Haza and Ludwika Palette it is one of the most remembered of the show. The couple was united formally from 1997 until their separation in 2008. So, now Plutarch for the first time in many years, opened his heart and revealed sad details that occurred during your divorce of the actress.

While Ludwika Palette and Plutarco Haza they were married, had a son named Nicholas. With the announcement of their separation to the press and the fans to wince, because actors always seemed very happy when they were together, but rumors of infidelity on the part of each one of them made that the relationship came to an end.

Ludwika Palette and Plutarco Haza/Photo: Who

Ludwika Palette and Plutarco Haza/Photo: Who

Since 2006 he began to suspect that Ludwika Palette had a romance with actor and singer Pablo Montero, while Plutarco Haza spending so much time with the actress Ana de la Reguera. So for the mental health of both, the marriage took the decision to divorce, because they tried to save the relationship but because everything was quite hurt.

Plutarco Haza suffered depression

After more than 10 years of their separation, Plutarco Haza revealed to the program Tell Already, that when separated from Ludwika Palette the went very bad, even suffered depression and thought about giving up her acting career.

“You start to go into a darkness of depression, then obviously there are moments in which I’ve lived that even consider folding…”

“How sales, your links obviously, link number one in the family, your son in order to of accounts I had back then today I already have Leonardo, but you had only to Nicolas and as I could not to drop by, Nicholas,” said the actor.

Plutarco Haza of 47 years, revealed that thanks to her son, family and his work as an actor, he managed to get ahead despite the sadness that caused the divorce with the actress of 41 years. Now, however, Plutarch is very happy with his second wife Ximena del Toro, with whom he had another son, Leonardo.

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While the actress Ludwika Palette she is married to a controversial businessman Emiliano Salinas and with him had two twins. However, Plutarch and Ludwika after their divorce were never able to go back to have a good relationship and only talk to speak of his son Nicholas Haza, who currently have 20 years of age.