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On the Internet there are no limits. This is a proof that it is a new Video of the Legend of Zelda: the Breath of the Wild, that is, a dedicated Fan has put online. In it we see an incredible sequel to the Nintendo’s power Switch in the game: He walks/runs into the front yard. How do you get it?

The player in question is a Twitch Streamer did it in the past, a name, and Breath of the Wild the challenges are amazing. She Pointed The Raven they dominated the game, with a number of challenges, for example, will never take a turn to the left, and use only bows, and it’s just a shell of the run-in to play the game.

The most recent challenge with the She Pointed The Raven it was the Central nervous systemIn order to play the game from the beginning to the end, and never stand before Dark Beast’ganon he was a loser. During the trip, it was not to Jump back in to reverse, and Gliding is allowed during the performance. Without the ability to run in the right direction and avoid the incoming attacks, and to do so requires the implementation of an intense level of combat capability at the end of the move. It’s just jumping around here and there.

The Legend of Zelda: the Breath of the Wild (C) Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: the Breath of the Wild (C) Nintendo

He jumps on to the Hyrule Castle…

The race itself is pretty short, and it passes through a series of Dungeons, and shrines Breath of the Wild. In spite of this, it will go directly to the ‘ganon in the Hyrule Castleto finish the game as quickly as possible. This is not New to the challenges, and Speedruns, as the majority of the players want to finish the game with these difficult restrictions, immediately seek to the end. Some of the races, however, make a few stops along the way on how to Find and Embrace-available-in-game dog, just before the final boss will be challenged.

While some of the players have made challenges and changes for the advancement of the Breath of the Wild in order to make it realistic, you have She Pointed The Raven every Convention of the game is broken, as long as he is playing with. The Videos of challenge runs, such as the Foot-in running, are to be found on the YouTube channel, Pointed to the Crow that are available, and the audience can turn to live on to see how he was with these challenges in real-time on your channel on Twitch. In addition to these challenges, and with the impressive runs, there are also a number of Videos that are in excess of the limits of the game, pointing out all the flaws and funny comments.

Back To Ganandorf?

Ready for the sequel? It is scheduled to appear in 2021, for the original Change.

Do you know of someone who was so heavily Breath of the Wild deal? Please let us know in the comments!:) The fantasy is the sequel to Nintendo’s Switch to the beginning of the game? Read all about the Breath of the Wild-2.

Source: Polygon