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By Thomas Heuzeroth

Samsung introduces a new smartphone, the Galaxy S20, and the Galaxy the Z-Flip

Samsung presents its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S20, and a fold-away Galaxy with the Z-Flip. You can follow the presentation in the San Francisco bay area.

With the Samsung Galaxy Z, the Flip is a Smartphone with a screen that can be folded up. As a result, it is compact in size, but you can’t hide from the facts. Because the user would have to commit to it.

Samsung is still there. And, as you can see, it’s a good thing. With the samsung Galaxy Z in Flip, the supplier shall be sent to the second Smartphone with a Display that stick. The idea is, the second clutch is no different. While the original Galaxy with the Fold because of its size, it is still very difficult, with the Galaxy Z, the Flip-a more compact package. This is, of course, is the fact that a Fold is a bend in a small Device. A-Z Flip is folded up only half as big as a normal Smartphone.

For that reason alone you will find that all of their Fans. Because, in this way, it is at any place for safe-keeping. Thus, it would be for many Smartphone users, the solution of which is associated with the size of the device. However, you should not hide it. Installed in about half of the height of the Z-Seen works. But it’s about twice as thick. The cover fits comfortably in a front jeans pocket, but it bulges, you will also be well-maintained. And 183 grams, it’s certainly not a light one.

Samsung's folding Smartphone, the Samsung Z, the Flip and put it on a hand-worked medieval Square

Samsung’s folding Smartphone, the Samsung Z, the Flip and put it on a hand-worked medieval Square

Source: dpa-tmn

On the Flip, however, makes the proper impression. This may change at some point in the future. But, even so, such as a smart phone is something Special, and that draws the attention and, at times, a little Amazed at himself. Treatment: access to is – despite its Name – does not swing completely open, as you may know from a previous flip phone. The hinge is fairly stiff. You will need to Open up both of your hands. It feels a lot more stable. The device is a high-quality print.

In the folded state, the cover can only be of very limited use. Even though the show is a tiny, One-inch screen on the outside, but it’s just the time, date, battery status, and notifications. It will be played on the device, the music can stop, the user can also here the Song or the next song. In addition, the small screen is to the Viewer, the user to take a Quick Selfie in the closed state. To do this, double-press the Power button on the side, which is a fingerprint scanner that is built-in, and Crank the volume.

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The samsung Galaxy Z and the Flip is open, it has a 6.7-inch (17,02 cm) wide-Screen Amoled display, which makes for a great print, but because of the 22:9 aspect ratio, this is a very long time. It is almost borderless, and it has a top with a small cutout for the Selfie camera. The Display surface consists of a mixture of plastic and ultra thin glass. This is better than the plastic screen of the Galaxy to the Fold.

But it is also the View of a Galaxy, Z, Flip and comes up with compromises that will be displayed when you set up the device on the screen: the user will not be prompted to press hard on the Screen, make sure that the phone is nothing in it that could scratch the surface. In addition to this, the device is not water proof or stain resistant, And it must be maintained because of the built-in magnets away from credit cards.

Fully extended, the Display of the Galaxy Z, the Flip and fold is 6.7 cm. high

Fully extended, the Display of the Galaxy Z, the Flip and fold is 6.7 cm. high

Source: AFP

In the case of a new technology, some skepticism regarding the robustness of the method is appropriate, of course). Samsung, however, claims to have the Galaxy Z’s and Flip more than 200,000 Faltvorgänge tested, and without which it would not have taken any damage. As well, many times, as a user, it is likely that the phone is bad, and the next. By stroking your Finger across the screen, you have to crawl to the underlying hinge. You can see the Transition, but only if the screen is black. Something is seen, it is not very visible. He doesn’t bother to be Expected to occur under normal conditions of use.

Almost, the Flex, the Flip it something, bent over the table, and the screen sharing. In some applications, such as the zoom in and zoom out, and the contents of the above, and the controller is shown below. Also, in YouTube, it should support the feature soon.

In Flex Mode, is the Galaxy Z, Flip and folded, can be placed on top of the table

In Flex Mode, is the Galaxy Z, Flip and folded, can be placed on top of the table

Source: AFP

Conclusion: The samsung Galaxy Z, the Flip is the more Mature of bending a Smartphone to buy in Germany. However, the selection is also not great. It-enabled processor and a dual camera with a wide-angle lens, and an Ultra-performance wide-angle view on the outer side, which is one of the best cameras in Smartphones, but it’s still a very good result.

For a Galaxy with Z-Flip you Samsung to 1480 € for a tax to pay for it. As one of the pioneers of the price. Compared to other fold-away Smartphone to a Flip phone, but it belongs rather to the bed of the device.