The Iphone allows you to: Android on iPhone, you must install the


The Team Corellium has released the Android for iPhone.

The Checkra1n-no Jailbreak (read more here), it can be used in the device of iPhone 5S, the iPhone X. It depends on a loophole, which resides in the Hardware, and it is, therefore, not made by Apple, it can be fixed.

The actual Android’s iPhone to run on

On the Basis of that, the developers of the Corellium has launched an Android Port for the iPhone 7/+). This is, at present, is still in its infancy, and many of the Features, such as Audio, wi-fi, and Bluetooth isn’t working yet.

Currently, very little use

However, the operating system can be booted, wi-Fi, and Touch screen to work. the iOS will not be overwritten. The next time you Reboot the iPhone to start with, as usual, on to the story.

The picture the castle in the sand