The Operating system the fastest in the world, and hope to find solutions against the Coronavirus


The researchers simulated with the help of super-computers, such as the Coronavirus Covid-19 has to be under the influence of a thousands of players. The goal of The attacker in the body and is harmless, or even eliminate it. In the simulations carried out, in part, of the two, is currently the world’s fastest super computers, Summit and Sierra, the range of IBM Power9 processors and NVIDIA and accelerators, Tesla-V100 is a combination of a peak computing performance of about 325 PetaFlops.

At the Summit of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 9216, IBM processors, each with 22 cells, and the 27,000 one place to Another-V100 stuck to the gas pedal. The Sierra Supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is the U.S. military for nuclear weapons research, and is the home of the 8640 Power9 CPUs, as well as 17.280 one place to Another V100. On the Gpu, and the GROMACS Software in order to simulate the molecular dynamics of the processes that are running, according to Nvidia.

With the Summit, the two researchers, Micholas Smith, Jeremy C. Smith, had been set for the next two days, the behavior of the 8000 officers of the Coronavirus Covid-19. It is based on a series of the Virus by researchers at the Chinese place. 77, of the 8000 that are provided by the S-Protein of the attacker, thus preventing or weakening the Andockprozess to the host cells. With a new and improved model of the Coronavirus Covid-19, but the researchers wanted to test the 77 substances again and again.

In the Mountains the calculations for the next step in The development of antibodies that attack the Coronavirus Covid-19, and, thus, to counter-act it.

By the end of 2019 at the latest, a new disease of auszubereiten by a novel Coronavirus fire COVID-19 began in China. Quarantine measures to contain the Virus that can lead to the loss of the production of the cases, and have stronger consequences for the economy. A number of major events were cancelled because of it.

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More and more computing power, researchers are obtained through the distributed computing project [email protected] in which each and every owner of a PC, you can get involved. The manufacturer, Intel, and Lenovo, as well as large Chinese companies, including Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei, and Tencent, to provide medical in-house computing Cluster. A group of 42 of the united States of america, “Artemis provides the Operating system with a nearly 10 PetaFlops, the “corona” from your search. In Europe, the data centre can also help.