The red juice of the meat undercooked! not blood! Attention to what is hidden

March 08, 2020
(09:43 CET)

All our life we have of course, for obvious reasons, that the red juice that comes from raw meat is blood. That is to say what else could it be? But this “Fact” came to crumble when researched a bit more about this topic.

Moments after the death of the animals, the blood is pumped out of the meatso that is not part of the product when it is marketed and reaches the restaurants. Instead, all this blood is treated by the meat industry to be transformed and exploited as a byproduct. It is believed that this is high in protein and contains important nutritional.

What is the red liquid that accompanies the steaks? It is a fluid from the protein myoglobin. It is a particle that, through its composition, is able to retain and carry oxygen and bind with the hemoglobin, which gives rise to the existence of the red color that we know so well. In addition, it contains the iron in the muscles of animals.

On the other hand, this pigmentation can leave the steak as you slice it, but as it is not attractive to the consumer and it is a oxidation, you can reverse and is what makes the industries. Not to slow the process of depigmentation, the pieces take on a grayish tone of brown is very unappetizing. In contrast, when the meat is cooked the protein part is modified, causing the brown tone common yes it is attractive.

Is it healthy to eat meat undercooked?

The term Rare is to stop cooking a few minutes on each side to each piece of 5 cm and between 40 and 50 °C in the center. It is probably the dish most requested by the juicy who gets the food.

However, studies confirm that the consumption of meat undercooked could be a risk to the health of the humandue to that the bacteria could be present even after the supply of antibiotics to animals.