The Rock teaches his two year old daughter to say “I can do anything”


As every march 8, millions of women took to the streets to fight for their rights on the occasion of the International Women’s day. But from the social networks, thousands of people also used their platforms as speakers to make their own messages. A man who takes very seriously this day is the actor Dwayne Johnsonwho , from his privileged position and his account of Instagram has taught her daughter Tiana Gia, almost two years, that is capable of any thing that is proposed.

Tiana Gia it has become the protagonist of a beautiful video in which the actor asks you to repeat with him, that is a beautiful girl, amazing and intelligent. Something that small makes looking at the camera and with great sweetness. After this, she says to say after him: “I can do anything”, and she responds to him: “anything!”. Without a doubt, the most valuable lesson that you can teach, the renowned fighter to the youngest of his daughters.

Look at the lovely conversation for yourself:

Nor does it lack the note of humor in this video the charismatic actor, who after making sure his wife is not around, tells her daughter to repeat “Daddy is the best”. Yes, what is not expected is that after the speak, the small drop a “mother” all of a sudden. “No, No, No mom, you’re ruining this, only dad is the best”, says fun to finish the clip home.

To accompany this video, which already exceeds 8.5 million reproductions on the social network, has written: “The world some day will also have news of yours, my small and strong love. I can’t promise I’ll love you for the rest of your life, but you have my word that I will love and protect you for the rest of mine.” Can you be more adorable?

In addition to this publication, the Hollywood actor has published two other images with her two daughters, Jasmine and Simone. Both the accompanied also of sincere and motivating words to them.

Despite his appearance of man, great and strong, in front of his family, especially his three daughters, Dwayne Johnson is a candy that melts in love and always brings out her more tender with them. This has been portrayed once more with these messages and sweet photos.

itWell done, The Rock!