The shocking photo! of the hands of Gema Lopez demolishing Spain in hours


March 09, 2020
(11:56 CET)

They say that Gema López and María Patiño are removed after the new position of Lopez as host of Sálvame limón. The galician has tried stoning the rumors saying that they wear well, only that they are very similar in many things but very different in others. In what most seem to is in the constant aesthetic touches that they undergo on a weekly basis, both visiting the same clinic, Diego de León.

María Patiño is always has been criticized for his physical. The presenter is displayed without any type of complex in their social networks. The host of Save me is addicted to the knife and does not hide that has been subjected to some aesthetic touches. Well because the clínica Diego de León makes it very affordable by asking them advertising. Perhaps this is why it crushes constantly on Instagram. All of his followers look for imperfections in any part of your body. Want to make her see that for a lot of that operate is always of the same age. “Although the mona dress of silk, monkey stays”, we say.

He has spoken of his hands, the veins of his spots in the neck, their bulges in the legs, or calluses and impurities in your feet. Seen thus, it seems that the presenter of the “scares”, as they write. But it is not the only one that is heavily criticized. His colleague and friend, Gema Lopeznor had he hidden never your touch-ups. The journalist goes to the same clinic that Patiño, basically for the same reason weight. Operations free or at cost price.

It was only a few weeks to Gema Lopez was criticized for wearing a wig. Something that is not proven and that we have been able to verify that it is a suspected totally false. In some pictures you can clearly see the root. Although it takes some extensions, the hair is clearly his own.

The collaborator has also been criticised for their skins cock and now her wrinkles in the hands. “How many years has Gema Lopez?”ask. The journalist has always wanted to take off years through the tweaks, but there are parts of the body that do not cheat and reveal the true age.

The collaborator fulfilled this year the 48. Has not yet change of decade, and already seems to have many more. “Has the hands of old 70 years“, they write. In a photograph where he teaches hands next to those of his two daughters, Lopez shows a hand very wrinkled. And that has never had a job, a great physical exertion with the hands.