The spirit of Tsushima begins on the 26th. On several occasions, announced


Most recently, the Launch of which was announced on the date of the upcoming PS4 title, the ghosts of Tsushima. In addition to this, a new Trailer has been released, and several editions have been also presented.

Finally, there is news about the new PS4 the New, the Spirit of Tsushima. Thus, among other things, a new Trailer has been released, which brings us to the Story of the game is a little bit more.

Officially, it is referred to in the Trailer: “Today, we have unveiled a new gameplay Trailer, which features our hero, Jin, Sakai. In the past, we’ve shown you the world for Him, but this time around, we wanted to give you a taste of the people he meets on his journey, and, to the extent of the threat, to demonstrate that it forces you to be a new kind of warrior.”

Here’s the Clip:

In addition to that, it has been revealed that the game, at the age of 26. In June, exclusively for the PS4. On the same train, in the various editions of the title have been submitted to it, which you can find below.

The Standard Edition contains only the game, such as a Blu-Ray Disc players. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes a digital Version of the game, as well as “the Hero of Tsushima”Skin Set, which gives you in-game, in addition to, a horse, a saddle, a mask, a sword and an armor set for Him.

In addition, the Digital Deluxe Edition includes a couple of items from the game: in the Moment of favor in Hachimans, and the 1-technique spot, as well as the dynamic of the PS4-Design of “Samurai”. For the content, a digital Mini-Artbook by Dark Horse, as well as commentary by the Directors, to our creative team, with a well-known historian of the Japanese, and together, in order to give an insight into the world of the Spirit, of Tsushima, and in the real-world events that inspired them.

The spirit of the Tsushima – Digital Deluxe Edition

And then there’s the Special Edition, containing a SteelBook case, as well as a voucher for “the Hero of Tsushima”-masks-and – the- sword-of-the-Skin, the Talisman, the favor of Hachimans, 1 technique point, and the commentary from the Director and a digital Mini-Artbook.

The spirit of the Tsushima – Special Edition


There will also be a Collector’s Edition. The main focus of this Issue: the shades of a a replica. This is a replica of a mask that you will use in the game, and it is heavy (made of Polyresin). It is not appropriate to use it, but it has a screen on the Basis of the data, saving only one.

It also contains a Sashimono (war banner), as you will see in the game (about 140 cm in length), and is a traditional Furoshiki (wrapping cloth). A SteelBook case is also included and, in addition, you can also take an image of a 48-page Mini-Artbook by Dark Horse and is an artistic elaboration of the complete map is printed on the fabric). In addition to that, a voucher for all of the above-mentioned digital content from the Digital Deluxe Edition is available.

The spirit of Tsushima – the Collector’s Edition


There should be more news about the game, and we’ll let you know.

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That’s what we’re thinking:
The Phantom of the Tsushima, and the next one to Hit the PS4 in the house, which is now a very safe and secure.