The support has been performed: the Hue of a Bridge from the first Generation to lose the the the may of the features


Those who have the Philips Hue Bridge from the first Generation that will have to be prepared by may 2020, the limitations on the roles. At the end of April 2019 at the latest, as it announced the end of Support for the Hue Bridge, V1, occurs in the 30’s. In April 2020. From 1. In may of 2020, there will be no new Updates. In addition, in connection with, the Hue, and is capped with a Cloud, and that leads to functional limitations.

The job market

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Anyone who is of the Hue Bridge-V1-1. In may of 2020, in order to continue to operate, and to control the color Tone of the System, it is only through the Hue App, and also to Bridge the Smartphone-App to the same Wi-Fi network. Because the Bridge is losing its compatibility with the Hue of the Cloud. The manufacturer indicates that a product support page for the Hue Bridge-the V1.

The deletion of the Shade of a Cloud, and a corresponding Smart Home System you will lose all of the control functions from a distance. So, if you want to control on the road, its fixtures, or power outlets at home, you can’t take it anymore.

The manufacturer strongly recommends the replacement of the current Hue Bridge

In addition to this, there is no voice control over Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant, it is possible to. As digital assistant you want to access it via the Shade of a Cloud, the components in the Tone of the System, even if the Hue Bridge is clever and the speaker on the same Wi-Fi network.

The manufacturer’s Value system is to advise the owners of the Hue-Bridge of the first Generation, in order to switch to a stream-of-Darkness-Bridge. In the Darkness, a Bridge from the first Generation, it has a round case, and, in October, came on the market in 2012. Three years later, the second Generation of the Hue Bridge, which is going to be on sale, and it is a rectangular box came in.

  • The hue Bridge is the first Generation to the picture: they Mean)
  • The hue Bridge, the second Generation of the image: Mean)

The hue Bridge is the first Generation to the picture: they Mean)

Without the Bridge, the tone can not control, for this reason, it is absolutely necessary. The Bridge to which it is connected by cable to the Router, the configuration of the system is carried out via a Smartphone App. If necessary, the Smart Home can also be connected to the System in the Cloud, in order to be able to from a distance, or by means of voice commands such as a smart speaker, the Echo, or your tax dollars.

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