The travel secrets of Letizia with an employer top-of-Spain that he makes gifts very expensive



March 08, 2020
(10:08 CET)

What does Letizia when she is not with Felipe VI? The queen of Spain has the agenda full of professional commitments and go to all of them. The asturian has maintained a frenetic pace. The wife of the king has a close relationship with many of the personalities that visit. Many of them Catalan, as the Tous. Precisely the biographer of the famous signature jewelry, Ana Alós, revealed that it has a close relationship to the Tous to the point that he was instigator of the expulsion, happily failed, the pro-independence Pilar Rahola and Helena Rakòsnik the Foundation no longer bears the name of the family of jewelers manresanos.

But it is not the only powerful family of Catalonia, which has a very close relationship with the queen. Vanitatis has laid bare his relationship with Puig. The giant of perfumery invited to the kings the opening, in 2014, the skyscraper where they have located the new headquarters of the group in Hospitalet.

Letizia and Marc Puig

Letizia maintains very good relationship with Marc Puig and always traveling to Barcelona try to see him. In the portal Vanitatis call travel “secrets” by the total discretion that takes place. The queen wears is often of the group’s brands Puig, as Carolina Herrera or Nina Ricci, and as a thank you receive happy in Barcelona.

On your trip to Barcelona also take the opportunity to visit her sister, Telma Ortiz. For years, the Puig sponsored the King’s Cup sailing that is held in Mallorca. The patriarch, Enrique Puig, now defunct, was an intimate of the king Juan Carlos. Now, this intimacy would keep Letizia and Marc Puig.