Tip: Square photos on your iPhone, 11.the and the 11.the a (Max.)


Question: On my iPhone, I could select the camera App with your finger with the square crop my photos. In the case of my new iPhone 11 iOS 13, this feature is missing from where it is on the iPad Pro, with the iPadOS 13, and iPhone, the X is still available. Can I crop my photos to a new iPhone now, just at a later date?

The selection of the image format, you will find it in the interface, with the night mode on a separate menu.

The Mac & I’m going to answer this one: Apple has hidden the Option in the 2019er’s iphone the night iPhone, 11, iPhone 11, Pro and an iPhone, for 11, Pro Max will have it.on iOS, 13, is a special Version of the camera App

Please clean the advanced settings, only with your Finger on the search show up – in the direction of the front-facing camera.

Alternatively, the subtle touch of grey in the arrow at the upper left of the screen for the Buttons to be released, they will appear directly above the trigger. The aspect ratio to square (1:1), and in 4:3 and 16:9 are available. The more pixels you start with a 4:3 tv. In addition to this, the self-timer and a Filter to hide them in there.

To hide the settings again, swipe your finger in the opposite direction, or tap it once again, in the subtle arrow at the top.