Vin Diesel ensures that ‘Fast & Furious 9’ is not going to delay its premiere by the coronavirus

We expect a few months of the most uncertain with respect to the different sporting events, film or any kind of get together of great masses of public. The virus most famous of the last years (COVID-19) has gotten great tapes like ‘Mulan’ or ‘No time to die’ may have been delayed its release for fear of a decline in box office takings.

At the same time, the Cannes film festival could be cancelled in the next few days and the olympic games in Japan are still hanging on by a thread. The coronavirus is still advancing and more and more infected (even so, the mortality rate remains low), leaving cities and entire peoples, in permanent quarantine. In consequence, it is not surprising that they start to question the next releases of the franchises most important.

Vin Diesel coronavirus

‘Fast & Furious 9’ has set its world premiere for the 22nd of may and the fans already fear that the tape car be the next victim of the billboard. But it takes much more than a virus to Vin Diesel and his family delayed their launch. “Do not blame anyone in the world to say: “You are stupid for releasing this film right now”said Diesel fuel to USA Today. “But we need films now more than ever. We are already in a very interesting moment in which the cinema and the cinematic experience are threatened. So, yes, I assure you that we are going to release it already”.

Above all

At the same time, it seems that Marvel also does not plan to delay the release of the first tape of the phase 4, the ‘Black Widow’ Scarlett Johansson. A strategy that is in addition to the followed by Diesel and Universal studios.

“I love to appear before the audience and the fans because God knows how much you have supported me. I’m crazy. I beg Sony to let me go to China, even now. And you should see the faces of all as, “you’re Going alone, friend!”Perhaps the most important thought is not only focusing on the box office, but know that we are all one world and we all have to get through this together.