Vulnerability management: Puppet, Sorry to 1.2 gives you a better Overview

The puppet introduced in the Version 1.2 of its vulnerability management software, and Puppet a pound of Cure. In this Update to a different Revision of the panel of tools have been built based on the Feedback from the users. The guide to the peer, the vulnerability overview in the instrument Panel are now required to provide more detailed information and metrics.

In addition to the basic statistics on the number of vulnerabilities and their associated risk factors (average, high, critical), where each node of the network is concerned, the Remedy of the user in the control Panel, it’s a Top 5 of the chart, the number of end-to-end vulnerabilities of the compromised nodes to show as well. The table also provides important information to the different vulnerabilities, depending on the severity of the filter. In the diagram, the complexity, the user will also find an Overview of the percentage distribution of vulnerabilities, different levels of risk.

Even the most comprehensive, graphically illustrated insight into the vulnerabilities of, the affected Nodes are in the Node tab in the Panel on Europe – including, for example, the distribution of the Nodes according to the operating system, as well as the ease of use. Over the vulnerabilities, it is a table that gives the basic parameters for Us, such as name, IP address, operating system (incl. The number of the version of the Infra-structure for the Source Version of Puppet is running on the respective Node.

New studies to Remedy the 1.2, and the display of the metrics in the toolbar at the top of each panel, and the user of the metrics that are most important, it’s easy to keep up. The number of the Remedy you discovered Us, as well as those classified as vulnerable, as well as the credit rating is, the more serious, vulnerable, and can be found in the other. To learn more about the new features in the new Version, the blog provides a positive contribution to the proclamation of the Puppet, and Remedy 1.2.