WhatsApp to find out how much of a conversation, so that you will be able to see the results


WhatsApp users share billions of messages every day from one to the other. We are going to show you how you can check to see the number of messages you have sent or received.

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WhatsApp can be sent in a cut of more than 60 billion messages per day. What is the part of the that is, the user can take a look at the Chat, the statistics of the apostles. It shows you how many messages have been sent and received. For Android users, however, are a little bit on the downside.

Because the statistics are different depending on the operating system Android as well as iOS, WhatsApp shows you the number of messages in total, and the Messenger who was sent and received. iOS users to get in addition to that, but it’s also in the chat, and group stats to see it.

In the Figures, for example, if you receive any further communication from, or sent to you. Statistically speaking, women appear in the the Chat Application more chatty than the males.

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How is it with your WhatsApp account do I use it? As soon as you figure it out:

The Chat statistics to work on Android

Users of the Android operating system can be found in the list in the settings with the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. In the The “settings” click “Data and memory usage”. When you play “The Use Of The Network the overall statistics are shown, including the messages that are sent and received and phone calls, as well as the amount consumed of the database.

The Chat stats on the iOS

On iOS, the Overall statistics on the The “settings” WhatsApp “Data and memory usage” you will find. Please click here “The Use Of The Network. The messages that are sent and received are listed in full. In addition to this, the number of calls made and received, WhatsApp, incoming calls can still be read, as well as the amount consumed of the database.

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Those who want to know more about this, you should “Data and memory usage” in the “Memory usage” please click on the. It shows all the contacts and groups that have the maximum number of messages that can be found. Once you tap on a contact, there are more Details to it, such as the number of text messages, images, Videos, Audio files, locations, or documents. Another tap on the contact, the information is hidden again.

The contacts are sorted in the descending order of the number of messages, but also to the allocation of memory to the file. Right below the “size” of any kind. This is especially useful if the amount of storage available on the Smartphone is a close and all the users are going to want to sort out a couple of old Chats.