6 tips for cleaning up the Smartphone


If it’s a Smartphone or a Tablet, the owners have invested quite a bit of money, so why not go the extra mile to keep you, the loyal sidekick, right? The Tech book has some practical tips that can help you to:

Practical tools for your Smartphone clean

1. The liquid screen protector, and cleaning

There are several liquid solutions on the market that are used for the cleaning of the screens, and you can protect them in a way that is sustainable. An example of this is the giant Race, which can be applied with just a few movements of the hand on the screen. It is a kind of liquid glass to your Smartphone or Tablet. The great thing about this nano-coating is the solution that hardens after Application, and both of them on the net as well as to the fingers, they can shrug off fingerprints and smudges. In addition to this, the Shark-Proof, scratch-resistant and anti-microbial. The manufacturer guarantees that the coating protects the device for up to two years, starting from scratch, and bacteria. Of course, it also works well on conventional fingerprint sensors, as well as the Iris Scanner on the Galaxy S8.

2. The Micro-fiber cloth

The screens of the devices that are the most easy-to-clean with a micro fiber cloth. In contrast to the paper-based towels, hand towels, micro-fiber cloth to wipe, to avoid scratching the sensitive glass of your Smartphone or Tablet, in a gentle way, without the risk of it. The Micro fiber attracts the unwanted Oils and dirt, and may other products, just to deliver.

In the Tech book it is recommended that a stock of these wipes because they work wonders when it comes to clean up, literally, all over the surface of the lenses, computer screens, TV’s, etc. and to the republic of poland. Some things, such as your glasses, you will be provided with a micro-fiber cloth, so that many users are likely to already have a home.

To Clean the display screen, the user must turn off the unit, so dirt and grime are easier to see. The cloth then has to move repeatedly in one direction, either horizontal or vertical. Once the screen is clean, it can be carried on to the next soiled area and wipe until the surface is completely clean.

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For more of the dirty Work, or those who are in need of, at least, something more than just a micro-fiber cloth and a little elbow grease, you should be in a minimum amount of water you use. The Smartphone must be switched off and the battery out (if possible). Then, in one corner of the cloth, dampen it with water (do not use soap), and a is the surface area of the screen is cleared. From there on, it’s a dry part of the cloth, you can use it to remove some of the water (and of course, the screen can also dry out the air).

In the Tech book, he advises, in addition, to keep the microfiber cloth clean the dust and dirt, which has since been taken up by the screen, not at the top of the screen that is being distributed. To clean the fabric, it may simply be dipped in a mixture of warm water and soap. Then, rinse it thoroughly, and re-use it to air dry. In a washing machine, a micro-fiber cloth doesn’t have anything to look up!

3. All-in-One cleaning kits

Who micro fiber cloths and of itself is not enough, you can go for an Option that is more robust. All-in-One cleaning kits with everything you need is included to keep your desk clean at home or on the road. These kits usually contain a micro-fibre cloth in one or two of the cleaner, it sprays in a variety of sizes (one for home, one for on-the-go), as well as part of a package of strong cleaning wipes.

From cleaning solutions should be free of alcohol and ammonia, so that the Screen will be damaged by the cleaning. If, after using the cleaning cloths are still the die-hard rest, it should stay on the dirt, it can be removed using a clean Microfibre.

4. Protective cases provide oem service

Of course, there is also the possibility of the implementation of preventive measures. Anyone who wants to protect your phone and its screen from damage and pollution that attacks the protective case.

Thanks to the soft, grippy material and they are manufactured in order to give you the most comfort and to protect the caution: do not pull only from fingerprints and dust, but also against bumps, drops and scrapes.

5. The tape

If you are not a micro-fibre cloth in one Hand, a View is a must, but it’s still a quick cleaning and then the handle may be of assistance a piece of duct tape, if it exists, of course). Here, the following applies: the bigger they are, the better!

The ribbon can easily be glued without too much of the pressure on the surface of the screen, and it is directly subtracted from it to remove the dirt and the unwanted. With a correspondingly frequent repetition of the Display of the full article can be cleaned up.

6. With light of the UV against bacteria and viruses

What can you get with these recordings, nothing, and with a professional approach who would like to have the usual home remedies didn’t help. The UV-a lamp is a Gadget, very useful in order to increase the Hygiene of the device to a whole new Level. A UV light may be a mobile device in a blink of an eye, the clean.

They emit light at a particular wavelength, which penetrates the cell walls of bacteria and viruses and destroy them. These lamps can also be provided, including a battery charger, and the phone will be uploaded to these models, during the cleaning of the same.

No-Go, and which should be avoided

Each and every owner of a smartphone or a tablet, you should make a habit of certain routines of cleaning up. It is important to note in the daily care of a mount, as not all cleaning methods are equal, and there are a few mistakes that should be avoided in any case.

Cleaning agents based on alcohol

It doesn’t matter how appropriate it may seem, an alcohol-based cleaning liquid, such as a glasses cleaning cloths should never be used for the display of a smartphone or a tablet to clean it. These products are too harsh for the sensitive materials, which tend to damage the protective coating of many of the provisions, or for the destruction, and in extreme cases up to completely.

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Those who are looking on the web, and cleaning agents, you can quickly find a multitude of special solvents and cleaning agents. A lot of them are basically nothing more than mixtures of alcohol and water. If the purchase of such so-called “Smartphone screen cleaner” to really make sense of it, and the prices are up to 50 and 60 € for the package in question.

Paper-Based Wipes

The Display of the Smartphones and the Tablets should not be cleaned with coarse cloths or paper towels as the paper towels, there is a high risk that you will scratch or damage the surface of the screen. The risks are so small that they are visually in the weight, about the same time, you can make the Touch screen unusable, if it starts to react to the pressure of the touch input. In the Tech book, that is why it is recommended that: * A micro-fiber cloth is the only fabric that should be used for cleaning the screen of a smartphone.