Anahí Televisa breaks silence on fast weight loss after giving birth



Anahíactress and singer Televisagave birth to her second child on February 3 and bragged about how quickly she regained her slim figure after two weeks of giving birth with a publication through your account officer Instagramthat made her the target of criticism but has now decided to answer.

Anahí Televisa breaks silence on fast weight loss after giving birth

The Instagram of Anahí

“Our body is transformed and the most amazing surprise to us. I never want to forget these moments. Magical, unique … real,” wrote Anahí in Instagram when you return to share the controversial picture.

Its publication in Instagram, made the same day of the launch of the launch of his new podcast, reached the 428 thousand likes in less than 24 hours, which also added several photos of her second pregnancy.

Anahí responds to criticism

In the latest episode of his podcast, made under the name, “Are you there?”, Anahi decided to clarify the truth about her rapid weight loss, which many have attributed to a rigorous routine of exercises that would have started after the birth of your child Emiliano.

“I want to clarify that I’m not doing exercise, do exercise when you pass the quarantine, but I seen it as well because it is very comfortable to bring leggings because right now clothing that will accommodates is that”.

Anahí he stated that his body is not as slim as you think and still not reached your ideal weight, also called women not to judge their bodies or the other and accepted as they are.

“Obviously it is not fast and I lack a lot to be as I would be, I lack much, but there I go”.

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