Angelina Jolie, who is the business of the daughters and Brad Pitt: here’s what happened


Mania Angelina Jolie tell the press the problems with the health, the family has struck again. He had done as he said, to remove his choice, ovaries and Breasts. That’s what she did now, to tell that two of his daughters were in surgery. What, unintentionally, also the explanation of why Brad Pitt, ex-husband and the father of the girl, burned out has some of the victory ceremonies in the last few months.

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Angelina Jolie with her daughters Shiloh and Zahara Jolie-Pitt. Photo Ansa

But after the series. On the International day of the rights of women (the exact name of the Feast of the woman), Angelina Jolie wrote an article in the journal of the American Time. The goal, through a story, an employee, was the importance of Sisterhood. The mutual help we should be women (we) us. In many cases, ranging from diseases. The diva has revealed that his “daughter”, that is, Zahara, and one of its smaller sisters,” or Shiloh or Viviennethey had operations in the last time.

I have looked in the last two months both inside and outside of the departments of surgery with my daughter, the biggest and days I his little sister under the knife for an operation on the hip“wrote Angelina Jolie. “I saw my daughters take care of each other. My minor daughter (Vivienne, ndr) has learned to do, the nurse, the one with his sister and then she helped the next time. I’ve seen all of my girls to give up everything and the first the a the other. I heard your joy, the love, in the service of you

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the Playground, with Shiloh (he) and Zahara (you).

Girl “you know, what I write, and because of respect for their privacy, we have discussed this together, and you have me to write to encouragebe, ” explains the actress. “Also her brothers were there, along with pastries and help. But in this International women’s day, the letter from the hospital, I focalizzarmi find me on my daughters and everything I learned from them, and from the other girls, I knew that in the rest of the world“.

Angelina Jolie is not the problem, as it seems to be reputable, have led, Zahara, inside and outside the hospitals, writes to two months (up to a certain point, the diva: “You realize that the management of medical problems and struggling to survive and to heal, is something to be proud of“). Neither, it comes details about the type of surgery to the hip of Shiloh. Although photos have appeared on the network in the last hours of 13-years-old, is supported by two large, crutches, together with the mother and the sister.

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But, how to write PageSixthese problems are so serious for the health of the daughters, even those who have changed the plans of Brad Pitt in the months of the celebrations for the award ceremony. Those wins in which everything, thanks to his performance in Once upon a time in Hollywood… of Quentin Tarantino.

In particular, it was the absence of Brad made it to the Bafta-i.e., the Oscar of the British. If the climb was connecting to the stage Margot Robbie the price to pick up. To say that, unfortunately, the actor couldn’t be present to be a problem in the family. Then he had said that Maddox, speaks of the son with the no, said he was ready to a meeting. And Pitt, which makes everything to be able to this report, he had given everything.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt at the Oscars in 2020. Dedicated to the character of his children. Photo: Ap

The children are especially“he had said, as a source to PageSix. Today, instead, reconstructed the events by you, it is the task of the girls. You will remain in your head that Brad Pitt went to London. And at this point, even for Cesar. Where was the guest of honor. But where is he in the pit, at the last minute after you already landed in Paris.