Apple’s iOS, and 14: the Leak should show the Icon of the headphones


It looks as if it is an earlier Version of the iOS, 14, is up on the network and, therefore, expect a few Leaks in the next couple of days. This has been a message on the Apple Watch the 6 Series on the Blog. But that is not all, because in-ear/noise-cancelling-headphones-in-ear-for Apple it could also come from the year 2020.

Apple’s iOS is 14 and already has-Icon

The latest Leak comes from 9TO5Mac, where iOS is the 14th straight line, and an Icon for headphones, the Apple he found. As it was in the summer of 2018 at the earliest, in the living room and pointed out a couple of weeks back. Apple is able to bring the model to its own Brand, in the autumn on the market.

The Icon is there in Black and White, and that means that we have both of these colors, or do you have it set just for a different Background on the same. Details of the equipment or of the Features, but it’s still there.

My guess, and this is pure speculation: Apple brought in last year, Beats Pro, Solo on the market, the updated Version of the Beats Studio Wireless, but it came to him. You may not like Beats, Studio, Pro, on the market, but decided not to publish the template with the Apple Brand.

Airpods Max.

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