Attention. This is what wins Rafa Mora in a night (and is not in Telecinco)


Rafa Mora

March 10, 2020
(10:00 CET)

Toño Sanchís is back in full today, but not exactly for good news. Belén Esteban got him from his house by order the past 5 march. The tertuliana you have opted to buy the housing to get the money that she stole when he was representing. The employee held up until the last moment, and also let him surprise the of Paracuellos in the house. All the apartment was unkempt and very dirty. According to the wife of Miguel Marcos must make reforms. This ensures that you will pay a signature of the house.

rafa mora

As was expected, Save me broached the subject the next day and one of the people who spoke was Rafa Mora, who years ago had the same representative that Belén Esteban, Toño Sanchís. When he had so many problems was when the most famous abandoned him.

In that time, Rafa Mora I was very attached to him, had a very good relationship. Ensures that were like brothers, and on more than one occasion thought that I had a for the amount of work that was getting to him both on tv and outside of the same. Although they no longer have any type of relationship, the valencian ensures that you don’t believe that you stayed with any part of your money.

The rest of co-workers made him doubt it. “There were people that I stopped paying for a number of things that I should and that he had mediated (…) I thought that perhaps he had taken their part, and for this reason he had carefree”, had Rafa Mora. Peers as Gema Lopez or Chelo García Cortés made him hesitate, and he proposed that it is put to investigate to find out if Toño Sanchís had appropriated something that belongs to you.

The figures corresponded to bowling that Mora had starred in his moment of greatest professional success. As explained in Save me, figures it was always ranged between 5,000 and 6,000 euros and taking into account that always was more than a month, it is clear that the financial amount that it took that time was very considerable.

There came a moment in which no one called Rafa Mora to work. It was forgotten. However he knew how to move threads and re-emerged from the ashes. Yes, without the help of Toño Sanchís. For this reason broke off their relationship. When Mora signed for Save me, the representative called him to return to his career but he was oblivious to it.