‘Avatar 2’: Stephen Lang is surprised and excited with the return of Colonel Quaritch

‘Avatar’ was a milestone in the cinema of the TWENTY-first century. Released in 2009, became the highest grossing movie of the story. So many years later, Pandora is getting closer to returning with the first of their longed-awaited sequels. ‘Avatar 2’ is released in 2021, and gradually they get to know more details of what prepared James Cameron.

Stephen Lang returns to 'Avatar 2'

One of the revelations most amazing up to now has been the return of Stephen Lang in the cast. His character, Colonel Thousands Quaritch, died at the end of the first delivery, or at least so it seemed. His return has fueled rumors and speculation, something the actor has wanted to respond. In an interview for The NationalMr. Lang confirmed feeling very excited: “It is very satisfying to know that the character was sufficiently valued, and caused the printing necessary for Cameron to say “we have not yet finished with him.”.

The possibility of gain more insight into the villain is the main challenge of the interpreter: “In the beginning this was great for me. My job is really to defend the role that I am playing, so that it is gratifying to have so much more time to discover to Quaritchdiscover what motivates them, talk about him, and, with luck, defy the expectations that people have for the character and create new ones”. The risk of recycling the villain original to the sequels is obvious, but Lang is confident about it: “He has evolved, definitely. We are doing four more films, so if you don’t evolve, we have a problem. And it’s not always a matter of evolution, sometimes it’s about grounding yourself and dig deeper”, he said.

Rediscover Pandora

The idea of Cameron to launch its aftermath more than 10 years later, it is the power read more on a story and characters that many fell short with the first film. And it is that, despite the long wait, the director has always been convinced that the audience knows the characters and are worth betting on them: “Lame characters we already know and put myself in unknown places by moving them along on this great adventure. But this is not about creating a bunch of new characters each time. There is a new villain each time, which is interesting. It is the same guy. The same son of a bitch in the four films”he said in 2017, for Empire.

The ambitious project, which will stretch up to reach the five films, ends a priori in 2027. So, ‘Avatar 2’ is scheduled to be released the 17 of December of 2021, ‘Avatar 3’ on the 22nd of December, 2023, ‘Avatar 4’ on December 19, 2025 and ‘Avatar 5’ on the 17th of December 2027. Pandora still much remains to be told.