Bad Bunny presents to the mistress of his heart: his bride Gabriela


Bad Bunny been kept in the most strict intimacy with her love life and has saved it with suspicion any subject connected with it. Until now.

Last February 28, the singer first broke the golden rule of being seen with people of his inner circle and went to an NBA game at the American Airlines Arena accompanied by a young woman, Gabriela Berlingeriwho would be your partner from 2017.

And after being seen with her during the last few days in other events, the Rabbit Bad has decided to take it a step further and post a photo with it in your social networks to finish to confirm that it is the owner of his heart.

It has done so in a publication composed by different selfies, and in one of them appears Gabriela behind him with a sweatshirt, black sunglasses and teaching, with two fingers in a victory sign.

Capture Instagram / Bad Bunny

This image has not gone unnoticed among his millions of followers and, it is after all the rumors, it has finally broken the ice and has presented it in public.

To accompany the series of snapshots, he wrote, “Is bastard be me”, the title of one of the topics that make up his latest album. Specifically in which is accompanied by Anuel AAso everything points that it was during the recording of the video clip of the above-mentioned topic when this picture was taken.

This image of the couple is a proof of the good connection that there is between them and that they are willing to take a step further in your relationship to make it public before the focus of the media. So we are sure that in the next few days we will continue to see the ‘lovebirds’ to enjoy and share moments.

In fact, in the last interviews granted by Benito Martinez -real name of the artist – has had no problem in admit that he is in love, but yeah, with something of shame and without wanting to go into details.

During a conversation with Alofoke Radio Showacknowledged that she felt very well with him and that’s why they had come to light pictures of them together. “I feel comfortable, I feel good with everything and being honest,” he said in reference to this part of your life that until now had been an unknown.

Bad Bunny is a very sweet moment of your life. About to turn 26 years old, is happily paired with his girl Gabriela. In addition, in the professional context, his last solo album YHLQMDLG is sweeping in all the digital platforms, where the musical work has had a great reception.