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How To Make Blast Furnace Minecraft

Previously, we discussed how to create a Crafting Table in Minecraft. This time we will share with you about other craft mediators in this game, namely Furnace. This item is used for cooking or softening stones, iron and so on. Play Crazy Game this time will provide a way to make Furnace in Minecraft.

Let’s find out what ingredients are needed and how to make them below.

If you already have all the ingredients you need, you can follow the steps below. Here’s how to make a Furnace in Minecraft.

  1. Open the Crafting Table

    The first step you have to do is open the Crafting Table. then a 3 × 3 box will appear to enter the required ingredients.

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  2. Enter Ingredients

    After opening the Crafting Table, you can enter the required ingredients. Make sure you put the ingredients according to the recipe needed to make the furnace.

    Fill the first row of the 3 × 3 box with 3 Cobblestone. Then, fill in the second row with 2 Cobblestone except in the middlebox. Finally, refill all three rows with 3 Cobblestone. If you are not sure, try looking at the picture below.

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  3. Done

    Then, you will see Furnace appear in the box to the right of the Crafting Table. You can save it in your inventory and use it later.

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Now that’s the way to make Furnace in Minecraft. This item itself can still be upgraded again to Blast Furnace Minecraft. Maybe we will discuss it in the next article.

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