Call-of-Duty-Game” mode is a Battle Royal, with the Free2Play-model


The ‘Call of Duty’ -series is a Free2Play offshoot for the PC and consoles: “Game” is being developed by the Studio Infinity Ward, which is, among other things, to the “Modern Warfare”part of the Call-of-Duty charge. Game is, above all, in a Battle-Royale-the game followed a similar principle, such as Fortnite, PUBG, and in the Apex of the Legends.

In the Call of Duty video Game, is disposed of as a for up to 150 players on one map. It’s called “Verdansk,” and it is based in a fictional Russian city, which was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), its look and feel. The map is shrinking, as is the Genre’s usual, at the end of the game to force the player into combat. The players of the various vehicles across the map.

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The Trailer of the “Game.” (source: New)

With the Game you want to Infinity Ward with a little bit of a cool Wind on to the Battle Royale Genre. The one who dies, it is not directly in-game Instead, you’re placed in a “Gulag”, in order to have a one on one duel with another dead player. The winner will be allowed to return to the game. The same for the losers in the end, but it’s not necessarily: Your team has been able to revive him, and if he collects throughout the game, there’s enough coin. In addition to the Battle Royale game mode, there will also be a variant of it called “Booty”, and the rewards of turns of the primary to Handle all the orders, and the receipt of the Money.

Call-of-Duty-Game-is-standing alone-to play games, but nevertheless, on the 2019er’s part of a series called “Modern Warfare” subject. Both of these games use it is apparent that the same assets, so the Download size is small, and if you have the service paid for it. Both of these games share one progressive. Game will be multi-platform, PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 available.

The free-to-play games in Call of Duty: black ops Game which is funded by micro-transactions, and as a Fortntie, which include a Battle to Pass it. It’s going to be released with the ever growing progress in the game, new Items, and if you have to pay a price for the package.

Game is not the first-Battle-Royale-on the way to the Base of the Call of Duty: black ops, Black Ops 3 I have had, in such a manner. The Free2Play System in such a game, however, you have to Fortnite, and the Apex of the Legends of the race. Game could be developed, especially for the sake of the great Name, “Call of Duty” in order to be a true competitor for the purpose of Fortnite, who had recently suffered a loss. In Germany, the Game will be starting on the 10th. On the 20th of march, to be confirmed, the property owners in the Modern Game you can get for about 16 hours.