Camilo and Evaluna Montaner launched “For the first time”, their first song together with images from your wedding


Camilo Echevarry and Evaluna Montaner -daughter of Ricardo Montaner and sister duo Mau and Ricky– married the past 8th of February, in a ceremony in Miami in the they were surrounded by their family and friends. And just a month after the big day have released their first song together: For the first time.

In the lyrics of a romantic song, newlyweds are declaring their love and expressing through music what happy they are with each other. And if that weren’t enough, the video clip is a summary of what was in the moving ceremony in which they became husband and wife. Can you be more romantic?

The audiovisual material collected as both were preparing for the time, her entrance to the altar, the vows and the after party.

Despite the fact that the two singers have had a long engagement, they had never raised their voices on the same topic, and their fans are delighted with the outcome of their work together. In fact, the video clip is found in the list of trends of the Youtube platform, which has more than 2.5 million views.

After the wedding, the young lovers traveled to French Polynesia to enjoy a honeymoon dream.

Since the couple gave the ‘ yes I want to have had different discussions on social networks, such as the choice of the small Montaner of have come virgin to the marriage. A topic that spoke to the singer Ricardo Montaner in an interview.

“She chose it because it is free and because it believes strongly that it should do so as well. More than a pact with me, it is a covenant with God. She sees him in a way in which we all have to respect it. It is your way of thinking and we are very happy for that”, explained to Drop the Soup.

What do you think the first song of the newly-weds?