Chuck Norris almost starred in ‘Kickboxer’ and other curiosities of the film of Jean-Claude van Damme


The 80’s and 90’s were glorious times for the action movie and, like more or less, Jean-Claude Van Damme had a good fault for this. The star specializing in martial arts has a great number of successes to their backs, and one of them is, without doubt, ‘Kickboxer’.

Curiosities of ‘Kickboxer’

1 The champion

It is clear that for this film, its leaders knew how to surround yourself with true professionals. And it is that, without going further, Dennis Alexio, who played Eric Sloane, was a world champion in kick boxing in the modalities weight semi-heavy and weight cruise. Despite the fact that he had other investments in audiovisual productions, there is no doubt that ‘Kickboxer’ was the most recognized.

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2 Chasing the paper

When I went to start the shooting of the film, Michel Qissi was only hired for the same as technical advisor and choreographer. However, he heard that the production was looking for an eastern actor that was high and that dominate the Muay Thai. Qissi, neither short nor lazy, paid volunteer, and took the paper.

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3 Doggy style good

Fans of the movie sure that you will recall the scene in which Kurt has laced meat to the leg and is chased by the dog of Xian Chow. Well, this time was based on an experience of one’s own Van Damme, in which his karate teacher made him wear a special suit of protection to attempt to prevent a dog trained him to pull to the floor.

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4 Other collaborations

The good Michel Qissi sure that was boxes when he saw that, in the credits, it was claimed that Tong Po had been interpreted to itself. Even so, the actor returned to ‘Kickboxer II: The Revenge’. Nor would there his professional relationship with Van Damme, as it would appear in two of his films again: ‘Contact bloody’ and ‘Lionheart: El luchador’.

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5 One man band

There is No doubt that Jean-Claude Van Damme has always taken very seriously its work, and is that the martial arts and the cinema are his life, and that sure wouldn’t trade them for anything. It is for this reason that, when both are brought together, Van Damme wants everything to go perfect, as in this film, for which the man directed and choreographed all the fight scenes.

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6 The other great hero

It is clear that the fans already can’t imagine another actor who is not Jean-Claude Van Damme starring in this tape, but this could have been very different. And is that the very Chuck Norris tried to buy the rights of ‘Kickboxer’but the producer Menahem Golan didn’t want to, because he had acquired precisely for that Van Damme was the protagonist.

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7 Also karateka

We have already made it clear that Dennis Alexio was a celebrity in the world of kickboxing, but it is not just his track record. The title that defends Alexio in the film, the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Heavyweight Championship, is a championship for real the man got during his career as a fighter. However, the belt shown in the movie has nothing to do with the real.

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8 Old acquaintances

Although the cameras were enemies, it seems that Jean-Claude Van Damme and Michel Qissi had a pretty good relationship. And is that, when they were children, used to train in the same dojo of Shotokan Karate in Belgium. In addition to have coincided in more movies, Qissi was the personal trainer of the star belgian in ‘Kickboxer’.

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9 Their own cameos

This tape, like many others, was directed by two directors: David Worth and Mark DiSalle. It seemed that they were so proud of their product, as do many directors, they wanted to have their own cameo. Said and done. David Worth played the presenter in the ring, while DiSalle is put in the shoes of a reporter.

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10 The big fight

After the success of this film, the producer of films of series B Roger Corman announced that there would be a fight between Jean-Claude Van Damme and the world champion of kickboxing Don Wilson with an award of $ 100,000 for the winnerfor he believed that the skills of the martial arts that the star showed on the tape were false. However, the bout never came to fruition.

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The film introduces us to Kurt Sloan: the brother of a kickboxing champion to a fighter thai leaves you paralyzed. Kurt is determined to take revenge, but your opponent is a tough nut to crack, so that, next to an old master of kickboxing, you will train hard to face the adversary most feared of the region.

With a budget relatively low, their leaders, they succeeded in making it a movie legendary, which provided several sequels of lesser impact. There is No doubt that this is one of the best tapes of his starthat gave out of what is beautiful in a work of the most entertaining.