Coronavirus: How can I clean up my desk right now, so it will be free of viruses?



At the time, as always, to the spreading of the Coronavirus, should include a full cleansing routine. What many people don’t know, which is One of the biggest viruses of the spear that we use every day, over and over again, around the door handles, or toilets, but on the Lender.

A Smartphone such as a virus spreader

Nearly 90 times in a day to whip out your Smartphone on the move, to eat, and even in the bathroom, the cell phone is at Hand. It is not surprising that, as well as all kinds of germs and pathogens to be collected from the device. A Regular, thorough cleaning is recommended. But how do you keep a Smartphone on the best way to clean and germ-free?

What should you look for when Cleaning up your smartphone:

The towels in the clean taking the

Most of the time a microfiber cloth is all you need in order to get the phone cleaned up. Due to its fine fibers behind, a micro-fiber cloth, unlike paper towels, with no marks on the screen. In addition to this, micro-fiber, fat-and dust to make it better. The cloth should always be clean and well-maintained.

A Little Bit Of Water

The cleaning cloth should not be too wet. If you use too much water or cleaning agents, you run the risk that moisture penetrates into the inside of the case and damage the electronic components. Prior to an in-depth cleaning, the Smartphone should be turned off in order for the love of you, and the power is disconnected.

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The cleaner the glass, the use of

Harsh cleaners such as glass cleaner or a soap and water solution to attack the Material and can even destroy the sensitive coatings on your Display. You will harm in the long term, the fat-repellent surface of the mobile device. Also, the popular glasses-cleaning cloths should not destroy you for the cleaning of the display in use, such as they are, also, the oleophobic (i.e. oil-resistant) coating, on a regular basis.

Spray the disinfectant you use it correctly

The Spray bleach seems to be the obvious solution for a completely germ-free for your mobile phone. Please note, Too, the Spray can cause damage to delicate Sensors such as a camera lens or a fingerprint sensor. Ideally, a disinfectant spray on a micro fiber cloth and clean your device. Spray sanitizer with alcohol in it should, however, however, your toes, because, as a result, the Display can be attacked.

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Clean in all the right places

On the reverse side, in the in-between spaces, or a grounding-type attachment plug shall not be left on when the Cleaning. Food residues, make-up, residue, or hand creams from the settlement – and there is a perfect breeding ground for germs. Here, the brush helps in brushing the teeth, a dry tissue or cotton swab.

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Clean it regularly, the seeds herd, to avoid the

Especially in the cold and flu months – and especially now, at the time of the Reservoir should be cleaned on a Smartphone each and every few days completely. And also to prevent the germ that can help you droves to keep your Smartphone clean. As soon as the phone does not have anything on the toilet, and also eat, it should not be in close proximity. Because even small amounts of foods that can provide the microorganisms with a lush, fertile land. (chy/kec/dpa)