Daughter of Niurka Marcos suffers a TERRIBLE Accident


Romina Framesthe daughter of the actress and vedette Niurka Marcos, caused a great stir among his followers Instagramwhen posting the damage that he had caused a terrible accident sustained while traveling aboard a motorcycle.

It is known that the young singer was on the way to Mexico City when he suffered a terrible accident on his bike, which ended up skidding and causing several physical injuries. But fortunately Romi survived to tell what was exactly what happened.

Recall that the daughter of the famous vedette Niurka Marcos, Romihas achieved great fame through their social networks, where, at least in your account Instagram has over 300 thousand followers, who were concerned about the health of the young singer.

Romi Marcos on Instagram

Romi Marcos after suffering this spectacular accident published two videos on Instagram in which recounts this incident that occurred when he was traveling aboard his scooter. In one of these videos shows the scrapes and bruises that resulted, and for which he had to go to the hospital.

Fortunately Romina had no major injuries, so that with the help of another video he explained to his followers about his state of health and what happened exactly. A video that sees him accompanied with his mother, Niurka Marcos and his brother Emilio Osorio.

Daughter of Niurka Marcos suffers a TERRIBLE Accident

Apparently the daughter of the vedette swerved across a bad maneuver, which caused superficial wounds and burns on the arms, legs and elbows. For that he was immediately taken to hospital where he was subjected to several studies to rule out major injury.

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Later Niurka gave statements through their social networks, where he admitted that his daughter he had inherited the clumsiness of it, reassuring to fans who were concerned about the health of Romina, who fortunately came out unscathed from this terrible accident that could have a tragic end.