Galaxy-S-10 at a price of decay, this is the phone that Samsung is currently a lot cheaper


Strike now, or wait it out?

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899 Euro-cost-Galaxy-S-10-a-time, but in the meantime, the Samsung phone has experienced a rapid decline in the price. In the retailer, you can buy the Galaxy S-10 is now very, very cheap.

The Samsung-Galaxy-S-10, came just over a year ago, in March, 2019 at the latest for 899 euros) on the market. In the meantime, the price of the phones from Samsung have fallen significantly. The portal for comparing prices according to the Galaxy’s S-10 that has been negotiated over the past few months, with a sales price of, an average of 560 euros. You have to purchase the phone right now, you can save about 300 Euros. A real bargain! Because of the purchase of the Galaxy S-10 is worth it for this price as our purchase consultant on the show.

A particularly convenient, Samsung-Galaxy-S-10 is going to buy her now on eBay. On this page you will be taken directly to the Offer. On the Strong and weak points of the Samsung phones, you can be in our detailed test report for the Samsung-Galaxy-S-10 will let you know.


To Offer

Samsung-Galaxy-S-10 (New)

  • The 6.1-inch, wide-Screen AMOLED display

  • The Triple-Chamber

  • 128 Gb Of Memory

Most of the traders demand for the currently in power prices between the 582 and $ 629 for the Samsung-Galaxy-S-10. Also, the dealer “asgoodasnew premium” by offering the device on eBay for 629 Euros. You just have to order it, but the Code is The power of spring one, you can save a whopping 50 euros, and you pay only 579,99 euros for the Samsung Smartphone. This Arrangement can be beat with any provider in the network.

“The bid on eBay

You can live with slight signs of wear and tear? You can obtain the Samsung-Galaxy-S-10 has only 446 Euros). The dealer “smallbug_technikshop” offers on eBay, including some of the returnees Galaxy-S-10 models for 505,93 the Euro. The code of the coupon of the power spring, you will receive a discount of 50 Euros and is paid only 445,93 the Euro. Very convenient, it was not the phone of the Samsung is not even on Black Friday, November, 2019 at the latest!


Samsung-Galaxy-S-10, with light signs of wear and tear

445,93€899,00€To 50%

In the rooms here Galaxy models S-10, it’s the return of goods that have already been made. Thus, the device may have minor signs of wear and tear. To choose from the color variants of Black, White, Green, yellow, and Blue. It is shown for the device with a price tag of 505,93 the Euro. To take advantage of the discounted price, you must, at the time of the order of the Code The power of spring “enter.”

The offer is for eBay

You must strike now, or wait it out?

At the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20, however, they expect further reduction in price. This is not expected to be as rapid as in the past few months. With a hefty discount, this is the first point in time, in the summer, with Amazon Prime Day. Those who don’t want to wait that long, or can be, can be a strike, so, if you have calmed down now.

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