Gamer’s graphics cards to the TSMC at 6 nm?


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Today, the Internet is to read that Intel is supposed to leave the Secure clocks to the TSMC at 6 nm, it is finished. If this is true or not, it will be seen by the year 2022. Previously, not much could be expected of it in the direction of. In 2021, the Datacenter maps to be placed on the 7-nm for the Intel on the way.

Today, the message makes the round of the Intel, you can make your Secure graphics cards for consumers with TSMC for manufacturing. To confirm that this information can be used for usually and you’ll have to look into the subject with some scepticism, given that every Twitter rumor that has spread.

A lot of the background information-it just means that TSMC is supposed to manufacture the Intel-GPUs in the 6-nm. This, then, would be on the consumer/Gaming models, because the GPU and the Ponte Vecchio to produce the Intel on the other, at 7nm. After that the Intel pointed out to investors, but it is also, once again, the lack of production capacity, and is expected to produce more than 10 nm from a not-so-Mature in the process, such as the now infinite, that is optimized for 14-nm is a program, it is, of course, the GPUs are in the other seats on display. Samsung was also in on the conversation, because the Intel Manager have been spotted in South Korea. You could have seen the production of a Flash. This, in turn, is also a bold Thesis, and because it’s Intel, it’s probably one of the most GDDR6 from the (former) Joint Venture with Micron.

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So far, the market for mature products that are in the trade, but it’s going to take some time off. X-low Power consumption and Low Cl-High Power, they are not to be expected until the year 2022. The clock for data centers to start in 2021. And the architecture is in and of itself is not to be found in, among other things, on a smaller scale, in the Tiger of the Lake, but not as a GENERAL, and, in consequence, be reduced. The great thing is, so far, anyway, based on that, you can see how Intel can scale the X and. In terms of effectiveness, will change from a 10-nm-Intel-proceedings of the DG1, which has been shown as computer Software in the Development of Vehicles that are a maximum of a 75-watt TDP, the 6-nm at TSMC. One-on-one, in the process, but it does not compare to the DG1 is better if your in-class performance for entry level cards. First of all, the DG2 should be for the players and more exciting.

Sources: My Drivers, Twitter

The Intel graphics to the discrete graphics card, “This is just the start!”

Also popular among PCGH readers: <strong>The Intel Implementation: Reportedly up to 4 items for up to 4096 Shaders, HBM2E, and a 500-Watt TDP</strong> (3)” src=”×133/2020/02/intel-dg1-desktop-first-look-ces-2020-2-768×6400-pcgh_b2teaser_169.jpg”/></span></span><span class=textFrame><span class=limitTextFrame><span class=platformBar /><span class=headlineFrame></p><div class=

The Intel X Graphics Cards: Supposedly, up to 4 items for up to 4096 Shaders, HBM2E, and a 500-Watt TDP

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The Intel Implementation: The notes on ray tracing Support

On Twitter, a user provides an indication that Intel is going to support the Xe architecture, the Use. <strong>GPU-Roadmap To 2020: the Geforce and Radeon graphics cards in the next Generation</strong> (2)” src=”×133/2019/12/GPU_Roadmap_Fiji_Aufmacher-pcgh_b2teaser_169.jpg”/></span></span><span class=textFrame><span class=limitTextFrame><span class=platformBar /><span class=headlineFrame></p><h3 class=GPU-Roadmap to 2020: The Geforce and Radeon graphics cards in the next Generation

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