Half-Life: Source — This Valve is the Index of the Alternative that you can buy

The Half-Life: Source with the Valve of the Index you want to play, there will be a long, long time – or VR-glasses — an Alternative to the top of the screen. What is it with the VR-glasses to buy?

Valve has warned the buyer in advance, and he wrote that they expect to re-order the same day. In fact, it took less than an hour.

At that moment, the German sale page, and the VR-ordered now, should be waiting for in the eight-to-ten-week wait. The base stations are completely sold out and cannot be ordered again.

The Valve Index Is Out Of Stock

The Half-Life: Source with the Valve of the Index, you’ll have to practice some patience. IMAGE: screen Capture

Unfortunately, it is not clear how much of the Valve they had in stock. So, you don’t know, if the demand is so high, or if the Valve was only a very small number of devices that are for sale.

The company announced in mid-February, that you would be able to produce over the next few months, it’s less units than expected and, as a result of Coronavirus infection.

This is the VR-glasses — the Alternative to the Valve of the Index, there is a

Half-Life: Source appears in the on day 23. In march, and it has support for almost any PC to the VR-glasses.

The Youtube channel Tested the game in advance with up to eight devices to the testby including a Valve of the Index, the Oculus’s, Oculus ‘ Quest, Samsung Odyssey, HTC, Lives in the Cosmos, and Pimax 5K’s Through. Also tested it with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is no longer available.

Oculus Rift to S & Oculus ‘ Quest links

The Oculus’s Rift appears to be currently out of stock. Not on Amazon, not on the Oculus Store, you can order the VR-glasses are currently (Stand: 10. In march of 2020.

The stand-alone VR glasses, Oculus, can be connected through a Ring Link (with all details) to a host PC, and then serves as the PC VR lens. In the standard version, with 64 gb of memory is out of stock, both in the Amazon region, as well as the Oculus Store. Only a Version with 128 gigabytes of disk space there is in front of you. You’re 21. The march back to the camp. As an alternative, you can find it in the device, may, in one form or another expert in the business.

The latest update to the 10.03.2020 / Affiliate Links / images of the Amazon Product Advertising API for price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs. The cost of shipping

PS, Chance, Live, Pro, and experience the Cosmos & Pimax

The Windows in the Mixed Reality glasses Samsung’s the Odyssey Plus is not sold in Europe, officially, have to be imported. In Germany, the socialist party B (of the Test), it would still be the Windows to the Reality of the Mixed-power on the PS Store for around 600 euros.

The Deputy (Pro) is tested in the “Kit” with the VR-glasses, SteamVR 2.0 base stations, as well as a compatible Live drivers for $ 1,200. The Vice-Pro-Starter-Kit is not available, pure, Lives, Pro, VR goggles, a cost of 660 Euros.

In stock the HTC one Lives in the Cosmos (with all of the information on the site. you can order it direct from HTC for € 800 as well.

Who wants to bet on the Pimax sunglasses, at this time, please refer to the Pimax 5-Plus (Amazon Link), for 950 Euros, or Pimax 5 on / off (Amazon Link) for 1.150 Euro.

All of the Half of who you are-Life: Source have that knowledge, you can find it in our Information Helped you to find your way in Life: to Black.

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