Harry potter: Daniel Radcliffe reveals one of the great mysteries of the saga


Ago, about 19 years of age, was premiered at the global level ‘Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone’, the first installment of the saga of the young boy wizard based on the first novel of J. K. Rowling, the film became an international success raising over 2 million dollars in its first weekend, but it was until 2020 Daniel Radcliffe revealed a secret.

In this tape was given to know the history of ‘Harry Potter”, played by Danniel Radcliffe, an orphan child who lives with his uncle and at the age of 11 receives a letter where she learns that he has to attend to Hogwarts, a school for mages. In addition, in this movie you can find out the reason why they were killed their parents, the villain of the saga the Lord DarkLord Voldemort.

After almost 19 years, the actor who plays Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe, has answered one of the questions most crazy of the series, in an interview given some days ago during the premiere of the british film Escape from Pretoria, a prison drama inspired by actual events about two south africans imprisoned for their political ideas, the famous actor of Hollywood, not managed to evade successfully the questions about the saga and gave a talk to remember the evil character played by Ian Hart in The philosopher’s stone, professor Quirrell, who behind a turban purple hid the face of the villain of the movie: Lord Voldemort and which are unleashed to several questions on how you could sleep the character if he had the face of Voldemort stuck to the back of the neck.

About the famous actor of 30 years, said: “The only thing practical it would be to sleep on your side, unless Voldemort does not need air. Something of which I’m not sure,” explained Radcliffe. “As long as there is air entering the body of Quirrell, Voldemort could survive thanks to the breath of Ian Hart” explained the successful actor.

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Danniel Radcliffe will not interpret Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe, responded responded to inquiries about his acting career and he has made it clear that it is not in their plans to continue working with something related to Harry Potter or any film of fantastic Animals, the spin-off of Harry Potter.

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